Duo peanotti

With peanut praline

Debic Peanut praline Dark chocolate sponge


For 20 servings

Peanut praline

312 g Toasted salted peanut

187 g Sugar

1 g Vanilla

Milk chocolate cremeux

145 g milk

145 g cream

64 egg yolk

48 g sugar

198 g Milk chocolate 43%

Dark choclate sponge

261 g marzipan 50%

79 g sugar (A)

127 g egg yolk

91 g eggs

152 g egg whites

79 g sugar (B)

61 g flour

30 g Extra Brute (cocoa powder)

61 g Grand Caraque (cocoa mass)

61 g butter

Chocolate crumble

124 g butter

112 g flour

124 g almond powder

2 g salt

12 Extra Brute (cocoa powder)

Banana confit

318 g Fresh very ripe bananas

31 g Brown sugar

1 g Pectin nh

1 g Ascorbic acid

31 g Lemon juice

Mascarpone peanut cream

1000 g Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone

100 g Peanut praline


Peanut praline

Caramelize the sugar and vanilla add the hot toasted peanuts.

Spread it out on a silicone mat and leave it to cool down, and remove the vanilla pod.

Blend everything till it is smooth.

Milk chocolate cremeux

In a saucepan, heat the cream and the milk

Combine together egg yolk and sugar.

Cook all like a creme anglaise at 84°C.

Add the chocolate.

Mix with the hand blender to have a smooth texture.

Dark choclate sponge

Melt butter and cocoa mass.

Mix marzipan with sugar (A) with a paddle.

Slowly add the eggs and egg yolks, scrape and make sure there is no lumps.

Then change to a whip and whip it to light.

Whip the egg whites and sugar (B) till stiff peak and gently fold into the egg yolks.

Fold in the sifted flour and cocoa powder in three additions.

Drizzle and fold in the melted butter and cocoa mass mixture.

Chocolate crumble

Mix butter, brown sugar, salt, and almond powder till it is smooth.

Followed by the sifted flour and cacao powder.

Stop when it starts to get crumbly.

Banana confit

Blend the fresh ripe bananas with the ascorbic acid and lemon juice.

Mix the brown sugar with the pectin.

Pour a bit of the banana puree on top of the pectin mixture and mix well.

Heat the rest of the banana puree till 60’C and add the pectin mixture.

Bring it to a boil and leave it boiling for 1 minute, and pour into the mould.

Mascarpone peanut cream

Whip the Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone until a firm mass and add the Peanut Praline


Create a very thin milk chocolate shell (10 g) into the Chocolate World FH oval mould.

Place 2 half pieces of toasted and salted peanuts (5 g) inside.

And cover half way with milk chocolate cremeux ( 20 g).

Cover the cremeux with the banana confit (20 g) and scrape the mould and place into the freezer, after freezing stick them together and freeze again.

Stick 5 chocolate ovals on the chocolate crumble (15 g) with some dark chocolate and spray the chocolate with neutral glacage with 20% extra water and 5% dark chocolate.

After spraying, place the dark chocolate sponge (5 g) on top and pipe the mascarpone cream (30 g) op top, use a hot tube to create a line so you can pipe the peanut praline (4 g) inside.

Finishing touch

Place some half peanuts on the sides of the mascarpone cream