Easter Brunch

vegetable pancakes with an herbal cream

Debic Herbal cream Cream
Easter Brunch - photo1 | Debic


Herbal cream

Beat the Debic Room 40% fluffy in a food processor.

Cut the herbs fine and fold them, together with the salt and pepper, into the whipped cream.

Vegetable pancakes

Prepare a batter with the flour, eggs and the Debic Culinaire Original.

Cut the leek into fine julienne and the zucchini into slices.

Blanch the green asparagus and cut into small circles. Finely chop the garlic.

Mix all the vegetables with the batter and season with pepper and salt.

Heat the Debic Roast & Fry in a frying pan and scoop the vegetable batter in the pan.

Fry the pancakes on both sides untill they are golden brown.

Finishing touch

Arrange the pancakes on a serving plate and serve next to the herbal cream.

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