Panna Cotta Easter egg

Chocolate eggs filled with panna cotta

Debic Easter Dessert


For 10 servings

Panna Cotta Easter egg

1.2 l Debic Panna Cotta

30 half chocolate Easter eggs

300 ml apricot coulis

100 g finely ground, roasted cocoa beans

100 g pistachio coral biscuit

30 chocolate flowers


Panna Cotta Easter egg

Beat the Debic Panna Cotta firmly in the food processor.

Transfer into a piping bag and fill the half chocolate Easter eggs.

Let stiffen in the refrigerator.

With a Parisian spoon take out a little bit of panna cotta from the egg.

Fill the hole with the apricot coulis.


Sprinkle the finely ground cocoa beans on the plate.

Arrange the panna cotta Easter eggs on the ground cocoa beans.

Finishing touch

Finish with the coral sponge cake and the flowers.