A creation by Raphaël Giot

Debic Easter Merveilleux


For 3 servings

Crispy bottom of puffed rice and white chocolate

200 g puffed rice

tempered white chocolate

Whipped cream

1 l Debic Cream 35%

80 g sugar

Chocolate ganache

300 g Debic Végétop

60 g invert sugar

240 g chocolate (70%)


meringue pieces


Crispy bottom of puffed rice and white chocolate

Mix the puffed rice with the tempered white chocolate and spread into rectangles of 9 cm x 28 cm and 1 cm high.

Let crystallize.

Whipped cream

Beat the Debic Cream 35% with the sugar.

Fill a piping bag with the whipped cream.

Chocolate ganache

Bring the Debic Végétop to boil with the sugar and pour on the chopped chocolate.

Mix well and keep aside.


Create chocolate eggshells of milk or dark chocolate, using a shape.

Fill the crystallized shells with whipped cream and the meringue pieces.

Add the egg shells together to form a chocolate egg and leave to harden in the freezer.

Attach 4 chocolate eggs to the bottom of puffed rice, using the chocolate ganache and place in the freezer.

Spray with a mix of white chocolate and cocoa butter first and then a yellow mix.

Finishing touch

Finish to your own taste.