Watercress soup

With gnocchi of squid.

Soup Culinaire Original watercress


For 10 servings


1 l Debic Culinaire Original

2 l poultry or vegetable broth

3 garlic cloves, finely chopped

100 g shallots, finely chopped

100 ml Debic Roast & Fry

Spinach and watercress paste

500 g spinach

3 bunches of watercress

80 g green herb powder (chives, flat-leaf parsley, basil, chervil)

Squid gnocchi

1 kg squid gnocchi

1 tbsp squid ink



200 g fine watercress

50 ml green herb oil

10 bread crisps


Spinach and watercress paste

Blanch the spinach, watercress and green herbs.

Cool in ice water.

Gently squeeze to remove excess water and chop finely in the blender, or freeze everything and grind into a powder in the Pacojet.

Store in the refrigerator until needed.


Heat the Debic Roast & Fry and add the finely chopped shallot and garlic.

Add the broth.

Add the Debic Culinaire Original and reduce to the required thickness.

Reduce to 2 litres.

Strain through a fine funnel sieve and cool immediately.

Squid gnocchi

Mix the squid in the Magimix until smooth and divide into two equal portions.

Add the ink to one part and season both parts with salt.

Transfer into two piping bags and pipe the mixture into ball-shaped moulds.

Freeze the balls and then remove from the mould.

Store in the freezer.


Heat the cream soup base, add the paste and season with salt.

Poach the frozen gnocchi in fish stock and season with salt.

Serve the white and black gnocchi on the plates and finish off by adding the soup, fine watercress, bread crisps and drops of green herb oil.