With passionfruit glacage

Debic Passionfruit glacage Frangipane


For 20 servings

Pate sable

39 g almond powder

73 g starch

253 g flour

1 g salt

127 g icing sugar

134 g butter

74 g eggs


166 g butter

166 g sugar

166 g almond powder

183 g eggs

17 g flour

1 graded lemon

Passionfruit glacage

50 g water

149 g Passionfruit puree

50 g sugar (A)

149 g sugar (B)

99 g glucose

1 g citric acid

2 g pectin nh

Passionfruit confit

88 g Passionfruit plus the seeds

11 g Sugar

1 g pectin nh

Passionfruit cremeux

178 g Passionfruit puree

4 g lime zest

152 Egg

107 g Sugar

18 g Gelatine mass

45 g Cocoa butter

196 Butter

Whipped mascarpone cream

1000 Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone

80 g sugar


Pate sable

Mix butter, icing sugar, salt, and almond powder till it is smooth.

Add the eggs, followed by the sifted flour and starch.


Mix butter and sugar and whip with the paddle.

Add the almond powder and graded lemon and slowly add the eggs.

Scrape the bowl and add the flour.

Passionfruit glacage

In a bowl, combine sugar (A) with pectin and add passionfruit puree.

Let it stand for 20 minutes.

In a pan, combine water (B) with sugar (B) then add glucose and heat to 40°C.

Slowly add the pectin mixture and bring to boil.

Add the citric acid.

Passionfruit confit

Combine together the sugar and the pectin nh.

Add the mix into the passionfruit with a whisk.

Bring to the boil during 10 seconds.

Cool down and mix with whisk before putting it into the mould.

Passionfruit cremeux

Heat the passionfruit puree with the lime zest.

Combine together the egg and sugar.

Cook the two mix together until it's boiling.

Strain directly the mix on the cocoa butter and gelatin mass

Leave to cool down until 35°C.

Add the butter in one shot and use the hand blender to mix well until it's totally smooth.

Whipped mascarpone cream

Whip the Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone and the sugar till a firm mass.


Cut out the pate sable (15 g/10cm) and place it over a silicon mat, bake it at 160’C till light brown, after fill it below the edge with frangipane (20 g) and cover with light toasted almonds (2 g).

After baking, cool down and pipe a layer of passionfruit confit (15 g).

Take the whipped mascarpone cream and spread it on the top (20 g).

And pipe with a St.honore piping tip mascarpone cream on the sides.

Take the leftover confit and pipe it into a 2 cm semi sphere dome and place into the freezer.

Take the passionfruit cremeux (15 g) and pipe it into the 5 cm sphere mould and place the frozen passionfruit confit inside and freeze.

After freezing dip the cremeux into the passionfruit glacage (5 g) of 70’C and place it on top of the tart.

Finishing touch

Decorate with extra white chocolate petals (5 g).