Vegetables techniques

Vegetables are always a nice addition to your dish. They can be added directly on the plate, or as a side dish. There are several ways to prepare vegetables. You can for instance dry your vegetables or confit them. By using different techniques, different flavors and textures can be achieved from the same vegetable. We will show you several techniques that you can use.

Vegetables techniques | Debic
Confit - photo 2360231 | Debic

This technique shows you how to cofit vegetables or other products in butter in only 6 simple steps.

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Preserves vegetables - photo 2360233 | Debic
Preserves vegetables

Technique for preserving pearl onions in Debic Roast and Fry.Technique for preserving pearl onions in Debic Roast and Fry.

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Roasting vegetables - photo 2360235 | Debic
Roasting vegetables

A technique for roasting vegetables (as a base for cream or as a vegetable component on a plate).

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Sous vide vegetables - photo 2360237 | Debic
Sous vide vegetables

A technique for cooking vegetables under vacuum.

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Drying vegetables and fruit - photo 2360239 | Debic
Drying vegetables and fruit

Technique for drying vegetables and fruit

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