In good hands


In good hands

Your hands. They produce the most beautiful and delicious creations. At Debic we work hard to give you a helping hand. We provide tips, techniques and quality products. Which is why Debic is in good hands with you, and you are in good hands with us.

Debic in good hands butters
Our butters are the total package

At Debic we’ve developed a full range of technical butters with a constant high quality in terms of firmness & plasticity throughout the year. For each application we hand you the perfect solution with a different melting point. That’s why you are in good hands with us, and our butters are in good hands with you. Now in a new package.

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Debic in good hands masterclass
Bakery masterclass

Join our free Bakery Masterclass on Butter & Cream. This Masterclass will be held by our culinary specialist Bruno Van Vaerenbergh and will be available as of the 10th of May. He will show different techniques and recipes to create beautiful and tasteful butter and cream applications.

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Debic in good hands creams
Cream that stands out

Cream for professionals must be of perfect quality, taste and performance. Pastry chefs need to be able to trust their cream at all times. The cream needs to be flexible, easy to work with, and perfect to combine with other ingredients without losing its quality
or appearance. Because of our many years of experience, we understand that cream for pastry and other chefs must be
more than just an ingredient.

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Our Ambassadors

Debic in good hands brochure

Download the brochure full of inspiration. The brochure includes traditional and modern butter and cream recipes of our culinary specialists and ambassadors such as Christoph Roesems (Wittamer, Brussel, Belgium) and Daniel Alvarez (Dalua, Elche, Spain).

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Debic inspiration

Looking for new ideas or inspiration for your business? Find tips and tricks from professional chefs and bakers or patissiers in our blog.


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