Get to know Nicolas Arnaud

Born in France, Nicolas Arnaud opened the doors to his pastry shop in 2012. His idea was well thought out to offer authentic French patisserie in an international district in the city of Brussels, Belgium. With the recognizable logo of a gingerbread man and a carefully chosen location, this house attracts many expats, French, and Italians, who are both directly and indirectly connected to European institutions. This is the type of clientele that has already been spoiled in their own country.

Get to know Nicolas Arnaud
the implementation of the French recipe book

A classic route, past various pastry schools in France, internships, and workplaces in London, Switzerland and Brussels form the base of what can be called ‘the implementation of the French recipe book “Haute Pâtisserie” in real life’. When Arnaud was allowed to lead the pastry department at Marc Ducobu (Relais & Dessert), his passion for the profession grew even bigger. For him, Ducobu is the No. 1 in Belgium and an example for the profession today and tomorrow.

Nicolas Arnaud's style can be described as sleek, subtle and with an individualistic touch, without becoming flashy. "I combine the flavors the way the customers prefer them. Recognizable flavors, but purified and stripped of all ballast. 75% of the turnover goes to pastries, complemented with macaroons, jam, pralines and ice cream”. 

Nicolas Arnaud’s style

Every passionate professional wants to compete with his peers, and competition confronts you with the rules of the game, an eye for detail and also with other and better candidates. Participating in Jacques Rouard’s the World Chocolate Masters and the Charles Proust were the ‘practice matches' for Arnaud to participate with confidence in the Coupe d'Europe de la Pâtisserie (gold) and the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in Lyon (8th place).

Nicolas Arnaud’s style, craftsmanship and culinary insight are closely aligned with Debic's values. As a result, he is also affiliated with the Debic Ambassadors Network. Demonstrations and workshops in France and Belgium for Debic bring him together with other pastry chefs, where talents are combined.