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At Debic, we believe sustainability is about having a positive impact on farmers, on society and on our planet. That is why we are making  the dairy chain more sustainable every day. For us, that entails realising a better living for our farmers, producing in balance with nature and nourishing the world’s growing population with better and affordable nutrition. We are on track to achieving our sustainability goals, but with the support of our partners and customers we can enhance our efforts to protect our planet and its produce. Together, we can make a real difference. 

Sustainable farming

The sustainability goals of Debic

Sustainability is ingrained in our company’s DNA. For over a decade, we have been dedicated to lowering the footprint of  Debic products without compromising on quality. Our efforts are paying off, however, we always thinking about how we can do better.

Better climate
Better climate

We keep striving to further reduce our emissions throughout the whole chain, from production to transport to packaging. That means bringing down the footprint of all our products and the milk that they are made of. We will be reducing emissions as much as possible and compensating for what we cannot reduce. Our ambition is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions based on production and milk transport with 63% and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions linked to the production of milk on member dairy farms, sourced products such as raw materials & packaging by an average of 37.5%  between 2015 and 2030. Please find all the details in Our Climate Plan.



91% of FrieslandCampina's packaging is recyclable.



More than 3.700 FrieslandCampina farmers are generating green energy.


The key to minimizing emissions in our chain? Data. Our team of experts is continuously analysing data from our farms and factories. Thanks to this data-driven approach, we can support our farmers effectively and implement the right improvements in our production processes. We even ask third parties, like universities, to verify our claims, so we can substantiate our progress with confidence. 

My 15,137 fellow farmers and I are actively striving for sustainability. Together we believe we can make a significant difference.

Gert Krol

FrieslandCampina member farmer

Gert Krol | Debic
Better packaging
Better packaging

Debic is committed to delivering safe and hygienic products. In our search for sustainable packaging, we never compromise on quality. Our materials do not only strictly comply with food safety regulations, they also look, feel and perform to the highest standards.

Our goal for 2050 is to become fully circular and in 2025 we want to achieve 95% recyclable or reusable packaging. We carefully monitor data from recycling streams and work closely with waste sorters and recyclers. A strategy that is paying off, since we were already at 91% in 2022, we are on our way to achieving our recyclability goal.


Debic's packaging

Our newly developed, 100% recyclable butter foils prove that sustainability does not have to compete with quality. The new butter foils look and perform the same way as the previous foils, but they can be recycled more easily and do not disrupt the quality of the recycling stream. Another example is the Debic PET bottle, made of 30% recycled PET and with a metal-free seal under the lid. Apart from its recyclability, we also optimized its ease of use. How should our bottles open and close? How can we improve their usability and accuracy? We asked chefs and food professionals about their expectations and adjusted our bottles accordingly.



Debic bottles are made of 30% recycled PET.


for recycling butter foil

Our newly developed, designed for recycling butter foils.

Better sourcing
Better sourcing

To be able to offer our clients high-quality products, we only use the best milk and milk products. Every link in the chain has its own impact on our planet, that is why traceability and sustainable sourcing are of the utmost importance to us.

We only work with suppliers who share our mission, prioritise responsible practices and ensure that their farmers are doing the right thing. Debic actively promotes these sustainable practices, by performing audits and closely monitoring our suppliers. Recently, WWF applauded us for our way of working. Watch this video to learn more about our better sourcing.

Debic's goals for better sourcing



By 2025, we aim to have 100% of our most important agricultural raw materials sustainably sourced.


palm oil, soya & paper and cocoa

By 2025, we aim to have 95% of the palm oil, soya, pulp, paper, and cocoa purchased by the company traceable back to the source.

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