“This crisis emphasizes the importance of health”

Life is tasty! That is the motto of pastry chef Sandrine Baumann-Hautin. She was born in a French pastry chef family in the Oise département, and still lives in her native city. “I believe in the power of local.” She shares with Debic her experiences during the first year of the coronavirus.

“This crisis emphasizes the importance of health”

Times of uncertainty call for something to hold onto. Daily rituals like a chat at the bakery, or consolation in the form of a tasty pastry make our lives more bearable in such times. Bakers and pastry chefs make an important contribution.

Sandrine Baumann-Hautin knows all about that. After garnering a lot of work experience in various top businesses in France (such as at Maison Rostang) and by taking part in competitions like the ‘Championnat de France du Dessert’, she decided to become a consultant. She has worked at Cacao Barry in Paris, among other places. After specializing in healthy pastries, Sandrine is now offering her expertise to the health sector as well, including at oncology departments.

Consumers are increasingly attentive to their health. What do you see in this regard?

“My recipes have been developed to support health. For example, I adjust the glycemic index and avoid gluten where necessary. To do that successfully, we need a cross-fertilization with other disciplines. A true challenge, but I am convinced that this is where the future lies. The local element is always important as well. Ultimately, that, too, has to do with your health. I always try to work with local institutions and producers.”

How did you experience the coronavirus last year?
How did you experience the coronavirus last year?

“Last year was a continuous learning process. How well can you adapt? How can you reinvent yourself or your assortment? All very interesting. For me, it was also a time to take stock. I make my own health a priority, in order to build up energy for new projects. This crisis has once again emphasized the importance of our health. That gave me added impetus to look for a new direction in the pastry world; one that focuses more on the human and the health aspects. That gave rise to my pastry workshops. I visit the oncology department of a hospital, for example, and help people to regain their love of life. That’s my motto: Life is tasty! It’s all about finding a balance between sugar and flavours.”

For it’s all right just to take pleasure, right?

“Of course! The creations of pastry chefs and chocolatiers bring a sweet consolation. Chocolate in particular is a good product for times of frustration. The chocolatiers will agree: at the moment, they can barely keep up with the orders. I also receive ever more requests to use chocolate in my creations. Our products do something for people.”

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