50 years spray can: the result of innovation

Some dishes or desserts simply need a good, firm blob of whipped cream. Hot chocolate, for example. Or a fancy ice cream coupe, a good slice of home-made apple pie and even a fluffy stack of American pancakes. Debic Cream in a spray can guarantees a professional blob of cream with good stand and firmness on hot and cold applications.

50 years spray can: the result of innovation

50 years of innovation

Fifty years ago, Debic introduced whipped cream in a spray can. A pioneering innovation that took the food market by storm and proved to be an enormous convenience for professionals.

Debic Cream in a spray can has the full, creamy taste that you expect from a perfect blob of whipped cream. What more do you want?
Well… the innovative handle and spray tip make the spray can easy to use and easy to clean. The sharp edges of the tip give each blob a clear finish. So yes, it does get even better.

“With fifty years of experience behind us and constant development of both the product and its packaging, we can say without hesitation that we have Europe’s best whipped cream in a spray can in our hands.” - Team Debic

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The secrets of the Debic spray can revealed - photo 2281483 | Debic
The secrets of the Debic spray can revealed

Debic spray can guarantees the perfect cream blob in the blink of an eye and also provides high overrun and a superb stand. It’s usable for hot and cold application and finally: the quality of the product is outstanding and the usage of the spray can is hygienic due to the fact that it is easy to clean.

Easy to use

Want to get the most out of your Debic spray can? Follow the steps below.
Thanks to the unique spray tip and practical handle, you can work in a very hygienic way to obtain a perfect result, easily and carefully.

1. Open: remove the cap by pulling it straight off the can.
2. Remove: pull the handle upwards, break the seal by removing it from the spray can and then lower the handle again.
3. Shake: shake the can before use, but no more than 3 times an hour.
4. Spray: hold the spray can upside down at a 90° angle, so that you can get the best result for the perfect blob.
5. Clean: clean the spray tip after use with lukewarm water, so that all the remaining cream is rinsed off, then place the spray can immediately in the refrigerator.

100 years of Debic
100 years of Debic

Besides celebrating 50 years of spray can, there’s also 100 years of Debic to be proud of. Therefore, we look back on some memorable moments in history like the launch of Debic Culinaire Original in 1983, the introduction of Debic Roast & Fry in 1999 and the introduction of the Debic dessert range in 2003