Cookies 'on the go'

In a fast moving world, grabbing and tasting sweets became part of our food culture. Next to conventional viennoiserie, rolls, buns and doughnuts, there is also place for some sweet indulgence 'on the go'. Cookies are easy, high quality bakery products made by professionals and are  easily packed in 'on the go' jars.

Cookies 'on the go'

Cookies are the size of your hand and can be prepared with chocolate chips or oatmeal. Consumers absolutely love them! In supermarkets or coffee bars consumers easily pay one or two euros for a cookie. It's time to seduce your client with artisanal and large cookies. Large cookies are an undeniable trend, they are delicious with a good coffee and very suitable as a snack 'on the go'. These cookies are a great opportunity for bakers. Since these cookies are as above-mentioned pre-eminently margin makers.

Discover two nice recipes for luxury cookies!

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