Cooking asparagus in butter

From time immemorial the clippings and peel of asparagus have been used as a good basis for an asparagus velouté. This is because the taste molecules in asparagus dissolve easily in water. By cooking the asparagus in butter, the water-soluble taste molecules do not dissolve and hence all of the taste are retained in this noble vegetable.

Cooking Asparagus in Butter

The preservation of asparagus in butter fat



Boil the weck jars, rings and lids for 5 minutes in a large pan in water with a few tablespoonfuls of soda. Place the weck rings in a bowl with clean water and rinse and clean the components thoroughly. Place the jars upside down on a clean tea towel and, in the meantime, place the sealing rings ready for use.



Fill the jars with the peeled asparagus. The asparagus should be packed tightly together in the jar. Mix 200 g clarified Debic Butter Constant or Debic Roast & Fry with 5 g salt and pour the mixture on the asparagus until it is completely covered. Seal the jars with the rings and close the lids with the clamps.



Place the jars in the combi-steamer and heat to 90°C with 100% steam. The advantage of heating in a combi-steamer is that a large quantity can be prepared at the same time and the correct temperatures can be maintained. Cook the asparagus for 25-30 minutes, depending on the thickness and the amount of asparagus and the size of the weck jars.

White asparagus tagliatelle
White asparagus tagliatelle

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