In good hands with your challenges

Food professionals have to keep a great many balls in the air. You want your tables to be filled, save on costs, meet all the current dietary preferences of consumers, work ever faster with fewer staff and produce as sustainably as possible. We are here to support you with our high-quality products. For whatever your challenge: we have the solution for you. You are in good hands with Debic.

In good hands with your challenges

Debic understands what food professionals need: tasty products that are quick to use. This is why we are making the lives of chefs easier with time-saving products of high quality. We know that our products are in good hands with you. This is why we try to think along with you to find the perfect solution for each of your challenges. In the perfect format and the perfect packaging, always made for professional hands.

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Debic Spray
The best cream blob for fifty years

Whipped cream that collapses even before your guests can dig into their warm apple pie? Or an unappealing clump of cream in a sundae that has no resemblance to a lovely cream blob? Debic has accumulated fifty years’ experience with whipped cream and presents Europe’s finest whipped cream in a spray can. With it you can serve a nice, firm cream blob on a warm or cold drink, decorate the loveliest desserts or waffles, and give each sundae a professional finish.

In good hands too when it comes to sauces

With our culinary cream, even the beginner chef or your staff can make a perfect sauce or soup. Our culinary cream does not curdle, has no clumps and binds quickly. A culinary cream that you can trust blindly, in other words. The bottle is made for professional hands: it has a nice, firm grip, doesn't leak, is easy to put away and you can open and close it quickly each time you need it.

Desserts developed for professional hands

With a number of fine desserts on your menu, you can earn a good margin. But it is time-consuming to create them, and it is not easy to keep on coming up with new ideas. With the Debic liquid bases for tiramisu or panna cotta, for example, you can save time, improve your margins and focus all your creativity on the finishing touches. Would you like to be able to work even faster or leave the preparation of the desserts to your staff? In that case, opt for Debic Shapes: lovely, ready-to-plate dessert forms for a mascarpone mousse, for example, that requires only that you add your personal signature touch.

Looking for more inspiration?
Looking for more inspiration?

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