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Zaprenumeruj nasz biuletyn

Turin, 10 June 2018: gold for Sweden, silver for Belgium, bronze for Switzerland.

The winners have been announced, the favourites did not disappoint, and Poland was given a wildcard. These are the results of the pre-selection for the 2019 World Pastry Championships. For this edition of the Coupe d'Europe, the committee chose to hold the competition in the city of Turin, at the heart of the wealthy Italian Piedmont region and, for some, the capital of ice cream making. We were there and are pleased to share our impressions!

Seven European countries

  1. Belgium
  2. Turkey
  3. Sweden
  4. Russia
  5. Poland
  6. Switzerland
  7. Bulgaria

competed for the four spots on the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie that will be held on 27 and 28 January 2019 in the French city of Lyon. In barely 6 hours, the two candidates per country had to produce two frozen desserts, ten desserts on a plate, a sculpture made of sugar as well as one made of chocolate, in a workspace of 10m².

The top three

Sweden: Martin Morand and Jessica Sandberg
Belgium: Jacky Bodard and Bernard Istasse
Switzerland: Antoine Chopin and Sara Bezençon

Belgium, Switzerland and Sweden were able to draw on their experience and the services of their coach in achieving a high score in all disciplines. Bulgaria and Turkey lacked experience, and Russia likewise failed to convince the jury. Poland earned a well-deserved wildcard for the pure work and the finest sugar creation, and ended in fourth place.

4. Poland: Michal Doroszkiewicz and Marek Moskwa


Russia and Poland also received the Special Chocolate Prize and the Special Sugar Prize respectively, while Turkey won the Eco-Sustainable Prize.

The final scoreboard

Country Work Frozen dessert Dessert Buffet Bonus Total TOTAL FINAL
BELGIUM 258 370 490 714 50 1882 2
TURKEY 165 240 294 504 70 1273 6
SWEDEN 267 360 525 696 80 1928 1
RUSSIA 216 260 364 513 40 1393 5
POLAND 234 265 343 567 70 1479 4
SWITZERLAND 282 405 497 621 70 1875 3
BULGARIA 156 220 280 516 50 1222 7

The complete video report is available here!

Next stop: Lyon

There is not much time to rest on their laurels. In six months' time, these four teams will compete for the sweetest prize in the world: The World Pastry Cup! In addition to the candidates who are automatically entered (United Kingdom, South Korea, Italy, Japan and the United States), 15 other countries will be taking part. Not exactly giants in the world of pastry, but emerging countries such as China and Thailand are expected to make for a very creative edition. What was striking during the European Pastry Cup was that the Netherlands and Spain were once again noted for their absence. Two countries that in the past had lent colour to this contest.

After the African Cup on 29 June in Marrakech (Morocco), we will discover the 22 countries that are to compete in 2019 in Lyon during the 30th Coupe du Monde. We're looking forward to it!

Iceberg recipe

In keeping with the spirit of the event, we are pleased to share the recipe for the winning frozen dessert, created by the Swiss team: 'L'iceberg'.


Frozen Dessert

Coupe d’Europe de la Pâtisserie – Team SWITZERLAND 2018
Creation by Sara Bezençon and Antoine Chopin



Sorbet of quark and lime


500 g low-fat cheese
135 g sugar
40 g atomized glucose
2 g stabiliser
2 x lime zest


Combine and churn all the ingredients.

Crunchy base


156 g Gianduja
122 g shortcrust crumble
122 g feuilletine
1 g salt


Bake the shortcrust until extra dry and crumble.
Mix with the melted Gianduja and the rest of the ingredients.
Spread out and cool.

Pain de Gênes cake with banana


1017 g eggs
1035 g almond paste
320 g Debic Butter Constant 82%
215 g sieved flour
12.5 g baking powder
20 g lemon zest
500 g banana purée


Mix the almond paste with the eggs and beat until it forms an airy batter.
Add the melted butter and fold in the flour and baking powder.
Mix with the banana purée.
Spread on a baking tray and bake at 180°C for 12-15 minutes.

Banana ice cream


878 g milk
500 g banana purée
120 g powdered milk
80 g atomized glucose
240 g sugar
15 g stabiliser
60 g egg yolks
240 g Debic cream 35%


Mix the ingredients in the order given.
Leave to ripen for 12 hours and churn.

Raspberry sorbet


1000 g raspberry purée
311 g water
250 g sugar
10 g atomized glucose
5 g stabiliser


Combine and churn.


Use a rectangular mould in which to assemble, alternating between the raspberry sorbet and the banana ice cream , and let it freeze solid in the freezer.
Line a relief mould with banana ice cream.
Press a thin layer of Pain de Gênes against the banana ice cream.
Apply the rest of the raspberry sorbet in a thin layer to the cake.
Now fill the rest of the mould with the quark sorbet and press the frozen rectangular form into it.
Finish with a base of Pain de Gênes and a crunchy layer. Put in the freezer.
Finish with a neutral glaze and a sugar ribbon.