Classic cream puff deserves a modern and tasty twist

Cream puffs: the round version of the world-famous éclairs. They belong in the internationally renowned series of macarons, croissants and millefeuilles. The endless variety of flavours and textures that this pastry can be given make the round cream puff an exciting medium to work with.

Classic cream puff

A cream puff is made of an airy, egg-based pastry that is also known as choux pastry (pâte à choux in French). When and where the very first cream puff was baked or eaten is explained on websites such as Wikipedia. Mention is made of Catherine de Medici’s chef and the renowned French head chef and pastry chef Marie-Antoine Carême.

Pastry trends in Paris

In Paris, the hotbed of pastry trends, we are now seeing more and more monoshops earning their place between the classic fine patisseries: pastry shops that offer just one product, but in countless varieties. L’éclair de Génie of Christophe Adam has, for example, become a household name. It is a pastry shop that sells only éclairs, with flavours that range from the classic chocolate to yuzu, matcha and jasmine tea. The éclairs are displayed so close to each other in the shop window that they look like a box of coloured pencils. And for the real éclair lovers, there is one in XXL format. Popelini is also a monoshop in Paris. It sells only the taut, round cream puffs with various fillings and a plain finish of fondant sugar or marzipan.

A classic with a modern twist - photo 2096227 | Debic
A classic with a modern twist

A good reason to turn the spotlight on the cream puff once again. Based on traditional recipes but made with modern flavours with fresh ingredients, the cream puff remains a popular favourite. So give this classic a modern twist, and tempt the consumer with surprising flavours and textures. For example, fill chouquettes (sugary French cream puffs) with ice cream. Or make gougères (using cream puff pastry with cheese) with a savoury filling. Both types of cream puffs can be used to create lovely profiterole towers. And did you know that a cream puff decorated with Debic Stand & Overrun easily holds its stand, colour and flavour for 36 hours? Longer than that is probably not necessary...

How do you deal with the demand for local ingredients and recipes?

Debic’s pastry chefs went to work with cream puff pastry and have already developed several surprising varieties. What would you say, for example, to a Choux cinnamon apple, Debicava or Velvet Choux? Happy baking!

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