Pascal Molines

Pascal Molines

L’atelier Sucré de Pascal

"I know how important it is for your team to be the best, because I know what it’s like to be last."

Pascal Molines


When he ended last at the World Cup in 1989, Pascal Molines could do two things: give up, or take up the challenge. He worked harder than ever and in 1999, he took the cup home. For Pascal, being a pastry chef is more than knowing your recipes. "A recipe is of no interest, it’s just so that you can remember. What counts is the know-how, the way you make it. It’s all about transforming the product, about communication with the material." In the end, only the result counts for Pascal. "When you are making a cake, the question behind it is: What is a real cake? For me, a real cake means you don’t just eat a slice, you eat the whole thing."

Pascal Molines
"If you don’t have good cream, you can never make good cakes. For me, Debic makes the difference. I know, because I’ve seen all sorts of creams and tried them all."
Pascal Molines L’atelier Sucré de Pascal, Anneyron, France

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