Brazo de gitano 2.0

Created By Gil Prat

Brazo de gitano Chocolate Hazelnut


For 50 servings

Chocolate and hazelnut roll biscuit

550 g sugar

62 g liquid glucose 43° BE

500 g plain flour

50 g cocoa

50 g roasted and ground


280 g egg yolk

125 ml water (at 40 °C)

500g protein


Cream of milk chocolate

200 g Debic Cream butter

200 g milk chocolate 33.6%

hazelnut streusel

500 g brown sugar

500 g plain flour

500 g roasted and finely ground hazelnuts

500 g Debic Cream butter

5g salt

Cream 1 l Debic Prima Blanca Max whipped cream with 11.5% sugar

Dark glaze

450 ml water

480 g sugar

220 g dextrose

900 g glucose

560 g Debic Duo

900 g dark chocolate 64%

56 g gelatine leaves


Chocolate and hazelnut roll biscuit

Mix the egg yolk, half of the sugar and the liquid glucose. As the mixture thickens, add a little gradually add the water until it is a soft and firm structure (duration: about 15 minutes).

mix the flour, the roasted and ground hazelnuts, the cocoa and the vanilla by hand. Sieve out the hard pieces and add to the egg yolk mixture using a spatula.

Beat the egg white and add the rest of the sugar when the egg whites start to set. mix the egg yolk and white carefully using a spatula.

Divide over baking trays of 60 x 40 cm and bake in a convection oven at 180 °C for 15 minutes with open key.

Cream of milk chocolate

Melt the butter.

Add the milk chocolate as the butter is at 40°C.

Hazelnut streusel

Mix the dry ingredients with the butterfly. Then add the soft Debic Cream (approx 20°C).

Cover with foil and let rest at 4 °C for one hour. Smooth on 4 mm. Put for 20 minutes in a 160°C oven.


Beat the Debic Prima Blanca Max whipped cream with 11.5% sugar with the whipping cream machine.

Dark glaze

Heat the water with the Debic Duo, the sugar, the dextrose and the glucose to 90°C. Add the soaked gelatin and mix thoroughly.

Pour over the chopped chocolate and finally mix with a stick blender until smooth emulsion. Process the glazing at 35-40 °C