Chef Gee: Passion, Precision and Perfection

Blending Thai tradition with global influence at Geelicious Bakehouse in Bangkok, Chef Gee mentors talent and conquers challenges. Read his interview for Debic!

Chef Gee: Passion, Precission and Perfection
‘This is my one and only belief: passion is what drives you to create a masterpiece.’
‘This is my one and only belief: passion is what drives you to create a masterpiece.’

For more than 10 years, ‘Chef Gee’ gained work experience outside his native Thailand. He was the first Thai student to receive an Outstanding Student Award from The Restaurant School, Walnut Hill College’s prestigious culinary institute. He has competed three times on the Japanese television programme ‘Iron Chef’, worked in several five-star hotels and was named Philadelphia’s best pastry chef in 2013. Today, he owns Geelicious Bakehouse in Bangkok: an artisan bakery that bakes fresh products six days a week and serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and desserts. ‘I work with delicious, high-quality ingredients here that are not excessively expensive and therefore accessible to everyone.’ In addition, Chef Gee has set up a company that restaurants and cafes can order their artisan baked goods from. ‘I want this company to become the preferred solution for cafes that want to serve good and tasty food. I also run a cooking show and a Chef’s Table, participate in events and advise others on how to start their own bakery or create delicious desserts or baked goods.’


Thai chef G-Chotipat Laisuwan, also known as Chef Gee, believes that guests can recognise the quality of a menu when you select the right ingredients, flavours and decorations for your dishes. ‘And you need to add a touch of love. This is my one and only belief: passion is what drives you to create a masterpiece.’

Mix & Match
Mix & Match

In his creations, Chef Gee likes to use typical Thai ingredients, such as mango, coconut and lime grass. Using his international experience, he mixes these ingredients with a variety of other influences. ‘If you ask me how you can recognise my dishes, it is in the mixing and matching of the ingredients. I am fascinated by the search for new flavours, which I want to use to prepare unique desserts. For example, I use chillies, crispy Korean chicken or snake beans to make the most delicious desserts.’ 

Moreover, Chef Gee relies on Debic’s cream and butter. ‘These ingredients boost my self-confidence in my kitchen because the taste and quality are always right. The right butter not only provides excellent flavour and texture, but also a wonderful aroma. We create the most beautiful decorations with cream, which add the perfect finishing touch to a dish. The cream is easy to whip and retains its consistency. This saves us a lot of time in the kitchen. In addition, I find the packaging design very user-friendly. The bottle of cream can be stored horizontally or vertically, saving storage space. Also, the screw cap is designed in a way that allows for more hygienic storage and longer shelf life. This helps prevent cross-contamination. Debic truly collaborates with chefs and pastry chefs - and this is not confined to the product alone.’

Stable melting point
Stable melting point

In a country like Thailand, with tropical temperatures and high humidity, artisan baking is sometimes quite a challenge. ‘Butter is a crucial component in making croissants, but sometimes the heat causes the butter to soften too quickly. This is not good for the lamination of the dough. Although we often work in an air-conditioned room, sometimes a large production batch requires many ovens to be fired up. Since Debic’s range includes technical butters that have a stable melting point, this butter is perfect for use at all temperatures and in all conditions. This allows me, as a professional, to concentrate on laminating and creating beautiful layers in the dough. A good croissant should be flaky, crisp and aromatic. The Debic Butter Sheet is perfect for this.’

‘As a professional, you can train inexperienced people. Provided they have the right motivation.’




When it comes to helping hands in his kitchen or bakery, Chef Gee looks primarily at the motivation of potential employees. ‘I’m not concerned about the lack of experience: I’m a professional, so I can train people. The person’s attitude is much more important. I will never choose an experienced chef who is poorly motivated. Skills can be learned, but the right attitude and love for the job are often inborn. Moreover, I want to be an empathetic employer: I’m always willing to listen to professional or personal problems. I think it’s important that we support each other within a team wherever we can.’ 

Chef Gee often feels the pressure. But he sees this as a way forward rather than an obstacle. ‘I choose carefully what I focus on. If there is a problem, I try to solve it. If that doesn’t work or doesn’t work right away, I put it aside at first. The more pressure you feel, the more you are motivated to overcome all your problems. Whatever you pay attention to, you will eventually be able to solve.’

Get to know Chef Gee by making his recipes.

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