Debic: main partner of the Pastry World Cup

In January, two prestigious, international competitions took place in Lyon: Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie, or the Pastry World Cup, and Bocuse d'Or. This is where it was decided which country makes the very best pastry and who can call themselves the world’s best culinary chef for the next two years. Debic has been a proud partner of the Pastry World Cup for more than 20 years.

Debic as the proud partner of the Pastry World Cup
Debic as the proud partner of the Pastry World Cup

In late January 2023, the French city of Lyon hosted the Sirha, one of the most important and influential hospitality and food service trade shows in the world. Over five days, as many as 4,700 exhibitors presented themselves to 210,000 visitors, 15 percent of whom came from outside France. Sirha is the perfect meeting place: here professionals meet one another, trends and innovations are presented, and you get a chance to attend master classes and demonstrations. Sirha also offers a stage for international, biennial professional competitions such as the Pastry World Cup and the Bocuse d'Or, the Olympics of Gastronomy.

Main partner

Debic has been a proud partner of the Pastry World Cup for more than 20 years. As part of this role, Debic welcomes professionals from all over the world at the VIP Village at Sirha, where other sponsors also set up stands to meet customers and colleagues. Here, for the first time ever, the Debic Culinary Brigade - or rather the Debic Patisserie Team, which consists of our culinary advisers as well as our international ambassadors - gave continuous demonstrations. Over five days, we inspired and engaged curious and interested customers, both old and new. The expertise and knowledge of Debic’s culinary advisers combined with the experience of Debic’s ambassadors created an incredible synergy and dynamism at the Debic stand that was felt far beyond.

International community

Every year, we notice that chefs, distributors and professional training institutes eagerly look forward to seeing what Debic has to offer the culinary world. Indeed, year in, year out, Debic can be counted on to present professional products and solutions to safeguard the future of patisserie. At international trade shows and professional competitions, we come together as a team to show the world that our strength and expertise lies not just in Europe but also in Asia. Geographical boundaries melt away as our culinary colleagues from China, the team from Malaysia and our international ambassadors together ensure that the Debic community merges into one team.

Culinary advice

Through our presence at international professional competitions and trade shows, we get to meet the influencers and culinary celebrities of our time. 

Frédéric Cassel
Frédéric Cassel

We spoke with Frédéric Cassel, President of Relais Desserts from 2003 to 2018 and Vice-President of the international Organizing Comité: ‘Properly piping a St. Honoré cake by hand can only be done by a practiced craftsman. It takes time to perfect the art, but one learns by doing. Assembling an entremets with multiple layers, freezing it, finishing it with a glossy glaçage and topping it with a finely designed decoration, that’s not the essence of the baking profession.’ 

Mathieu Blandin

French world champion Mathieu Blandin, shared the following secret with us: ‘The challenge is not to get lost in design and finish. Taste, combinations and texture remain the priority.’ 

Pierre Hermé

We also spoke with Pierre Hermé, President of the Pastry World Cup and perhaps the most influential pastry chef in the world. He said: ‘There aren't 36,000 pieces of advice to give to the new generation. There is a personal work that one must do. Work on the history of the trade, the historical knowledge of the trade, because that gives background.’ 

Albert Adrià

Albert Adrià, former chief pastry chef at El Bulli, the Spanish restaurant that is highly influential globally, admitted he was slightly disappointed as a member of the jury. ‘I still feel cold feet from the candidates. For the chocolate cake to share, I tasted 8 desserts, 5 of which had mango and 3 of which had coconut. I do expect a little more daring.’ 

Kyo Yi Lee

Kyo Yi Lee, China’s national coach, said: ‘A big difference with the western world is that we use much less sugar, so for the competition we do have to increase the sugar content in our creations to level it to the average French style, what’s a big challenge. Luckily Europe is reducing bit by bit their sweetness in cakes.’ 

Kamal Rahal Essoulami

Kamal Rahal Essoulami, coach of Morocco, added the following: ‘Desserts and pastry with less sugar, not the Moroccan style, will be the new style, idem for the Middle East. Regarding the past, we do see that butter and cream have become basic ingredients here as well.’

Climate Change

The theme of this Pastry World Cup was “climate change”. The message clearly conveyed was that creativity combined with the economical use of precious ingredients, avoiding waste and colourings, and discouraging the excessive use of freezers will become the way forward in future, and the food service world must take a lead in this. France’s Thomas Schneider, a former world champion, said: ‘The future of our industry will be influenced by external factors: restrictions, allergies, demand for plant-based natural products. Clean water and ecology will become even more important.’

Pastry World Cup

Last but not least, after winning silver five times, Japan finally beat their major rivals France and Italy this year. So Japan can call itself the winner of the Pastry World Cup for the next two years. Our heartiest congratulations!

Winner recipes by pastry world cup 2019 champion, Chef Otto Tay

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