Brownie tart

Recipe fore approximately 5 tarts 16 cm diameter

Brownie Dark chocolate mousse Vegan brownie



350 g sugar

8 g salt

10 g corn starts

250 g water

250 g olive oil

250 g flour

65 g cocoa powder

16 g baking powder

Dark chocolate mousse

150 g dark chocolate 80%

600 g Debic Vegan-Top

70 g water

12 g pectin

60 g sugar

Dark chocolate glaze

300 g dark cacao powder

600 g Debic Vegan-Top

40 g pectin nappage

900 g sugar

300 g neutral glaze



Mix the flour, cocoa powder, corn starts, sugar, baking powder and salt.

Add water into the powder and mix into a hard dough.

Add in parts the olive oil, until a smoot mixture

Spread into a mold off 16 cm and bake a 180 ° fore 45 min

Dark chocolate mousse

Mix the pectin with sugar

Melt the dark chocolate

Heat water until 60 °C add the pecine mix whit a hand blender and cooked fore 2 min.

Add the dark chocolate ( if the mixture it to thick add some hot water)

Whip the Debic Vegan-Top at medium speed till air

Mix the dark chocolate mixture whit the Debic Vegan-Top

Dark chocolate glaze

Mix the pectin nappage with 100 gr sugar

Heat the Debic Vegan-Top and add the rest of the sugar

Add the cacao powder mix good and cook for 4 min, keep stirring

Add the pectine mixture and cook for 2 min then add the neutral glaze

Bring over to a bowl cover with plastic film and let it set cool down


Pipe the chocolate mousse into a 14-cm mold and freeze

Heat the chocolate glacage until 35 °C and glaze the chocolate mousse

Place on top off the brownie, decorate with and cacao powder, candied ginger zests