Butter brioche

An easy recipe for Brioche - very rich but amazingly light type of bread filled with dried cranberries and chocolate chips.

Viennoiserie brioche Butter



1000 g Flour (13%)

80 g Fresh yeast

300 ml Full-fat milk

105 g Sugar

16 g Salt

200 g Eggs

25 g Lemon zest

80 g Soft luxury dough improver

200 g Debic Cake Gold


300 g Dried cranberries

300 g Chocolate chips, bake-resistant


Group 1

For this dough, first make a starter. A starter is a liquid yeast preparation. This gives the dough a lighter structure, more volume and a more distinctive flavour.


Mix 1/3 of the flour, yeast, milk and sugar to make a starter.

Cover with the rest of the flour and leave to rest for 20 minutes.

Add the Debic Cake Gold together with the rest of the ingredients and knead until you have a supple dough: 6 minutes on the first setting and 6 minutes on the second setting.

Maximum dough temperature = 24°C.

Carefully fold in the dried fruit and chocolate chips.

Weight the dough into 750-gram portions and shape into boules.

Divide these boules into 30 portions and push into brioche moulds.

Leave to rise

40 minutes at 28°C and 80% humidity


8 minutes at 220°C