Caramelized mascarpone cream bar

with orange and cinnamon

Debic Shapes
Caramelized mascarpone cream bar - photo1 | Debic


For 10 servings


10 Debic Shapes Mascarpone Cream balks

100 g sugar

3 oranges

10 g cinnamon

10 g roasted pecan nuts

10 dentelle cookies


Take the mascarpone cream balk out of the blister. Put on a plate and cover with plastic. Defrost in the fridge. Sprinkle the sugar over the surface of the mascarpone cream balk. Caramelise right away with a burner or torch. Peel the oranges and slice very thin. Sprinkle the cinnamon over the slices and leave to marinate for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, cut the pecan nuts into smaller pieces.

Finishing touch

Arrange the orange slices on the plate. Put the caramelised mascarpone cream balk on top. Finish with the nuts, the cookie, and some cinnamon powder.

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