Chocolate Mousse Quenelle 'Poire Belle Hélène'

Chocolate Mousse Quenelle 'Poire Belle Hélène'

Shapes Simple


For 10 servings

Vanilla caramel sauce

250 ml water (1)

500 g sugar

250 ml water (2)

1 vanilla pod


300 g poached pear, finely diced

30 tuiles

10 dried pear slices


Chocolate mousse quenelle

Remove the chocolate mousse quenelle from the blister. Lay on a plate and cover with cling film. Leave to thaw in the fridge.

Vanilla caramel sauce

Bring the water (1) and sugar to the boil. Leave to caramelise over a low heat. Pour in the water (2) slowly, without stirring the caramel. Add the split vanilla pod and leave to stand overnight. Remove the vanilla pod.

Finishing touch

Serve the vanilla caramel sauce on the plate. Arrange the diced pear on the caramel. Lay the chocolate mousse quenelle on the pear. Garnish with the biscuits and the dried pear slice.

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