Frozen basque fromage

With vanilla cheese ice cream



For 18 servings

Vanilla sablé breton

241 g Debic Crème Butter

118 g icing sugar

1 g salt

38 g egg white

136 g almond powder

253 g flour

13 g baking powder

1 vanilla pod

Vanilla cheese ice cream

8 g PCB icerium

210 g sugar

1134 g milk

1 vanilla pod

70 g milk powder 0% fat

44 g inverted sugar

120 g glucose atomise

414 g Debic Cream Cheese

Frozen cheese mousse

134 g Debic Cream Cheese

89 g Debic Stand & Overrun (1)

1/2 vanilla pod

32 g gelatine mass

156 g Debic Stand & Overrun (2)

89 g Italian meringue

Italian meringue

30 g egg white

70 g sugar

7,5 g dextrose

11 g water


Vanilla sablé breton

Mix the softened Crème Butter, icing sugar and salt together in a mixing bowl with a paddle attachment.

Gradually add in egg white and mix briefly just till well combined.

Next, mix in the almond powder, flour, baking powder and vanilla bean.

Leave the dough in the chiller to rest.

Roll the dough to 4 mm thickness and cut into 5 cm diameter round pieces.

Vanilla cheese ice cream

Mix ice cream stabilizer with small quantity of sugar together in a bowl.

Warm the milk and vanilla bean together in a pot to 25°C.

Whisk in milk powder, followed by all types of sugar (30°C) and stabilizer-sugar mixture (45°C).

Continue to cook the mixture until it reaches 85°C.

Add in the Cream Cheese and emulsify well.

Reserve in the chiller overnight for maturation.

Frozen cheese mousse

Warm the Cream Cheese with the Stand & Overrun (1), vanilla bean and melted gelatine together in a saucepan to 45°C.

Emulsify well.

Fold in the Stand & Overrun (2) and Italian meringue.

Italian meringue

Whip up the egg whites in a mixing bowl with a whisk attachment.

Meanwhile, cook the sugar, dextrose and water together in a saucepan to 118°C.

Pour the hot syrup over the soft-peaked meringue and continue whisking on medium speed.