Mini cotton cheesecake

Mini cotton cheesecake

Cream cheese Cheesecake


For 80 servings

Cotton Cheesecake

260 g Debic Stand and Overrun

50 g Debic Cake butter

250 g Debic Creamcheese

1 st lemon zest and juice

1 st tangerine zest

5 g vanilla sugar

7 g salt

190 g egg yolks

140 g flour

60 g cornstarch

340 g egg white

330 g fine sugar

Tangarine compote

600 g tangerine

200 g Suiker

180 g tangerine pureé

9 g Pectine NH

Whipped cream

500 g Debic Stand&Overrun

50 g sugar


·       mix the Debic Creamcheese with the salt, vanilla sugar, egg yolks, lemon zest and juice and tangerine zest

·       ziff the flour with the cornstarch

·       melt the butter than add the Debic whipped cream without sugar

·       beat the egg whites lightly with the sugar

·       mix the flour with the Creamcheese and add the and butter cream mixture

·       carefully fold in the egg whites

·       divide into closed 5 cm molds, 50 g per mold

·       put a closed plate off hot water in the oven and place the baking sheet with the cakes on it

·       bake at 130°C for 2.5 hours keep the lid of the over closed

·       let cool down en take out off the molds

·       Cook the tangerine’s for 15 minutes

·       Cut the tangerine’s into brunoise and blender half into a puree

·       Mix the sugar with pectin and mix with the tangerine puree,mix everything together and cook for 2 minutes

·       Divide over a 4 cm diameter round mat and freeze

·       Whip the Stand&Overrun with the sugar until fluffy


Pass the frozen tangerine compotes through the neutral jelly and place on the cheesecake

Spray with a small st.honore syringe the whipped cream to the compote

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