Morel cream sauce

An inspirational recipe for morel creamy sauce - for 1 litre

Main course Meat Chicken


Morel cream sauce

200 ml Debic Culinaire Original

1000 ml brown chicken fond

20 g Debic Traditional butter

100 g morels

150 ml Madeira wine

1 lemon

2 g chives

2 g salt

1 g black pepper


Morel cream sauce

For the sauce, heat the Madeira wine, flame off the alcohol and reduce to a syrup texture.

Add the chicken fond and reduce by two thirds.

Add the Debic Culinaire Original.

Reduce by one third of the volume.

Pass through a sieve, season the sauce with salt and balance the acidity with some lemon juice.

Add the cleaned and sliced morels and the chives and serve.

Finishing touch

Serving suggestions

Pour the cream sauce into the centre of the plate.

Serve with some roasted free-range chicken and green asparagus.