North Sea

Plaice fillet cooked sous vide with mussels and curry madras spices



For 10 servings

Plaice fillet

5 plaice

1 g transglutaminase

200 g Debic Roast & Fry

20 g kombu


Potato coral

10 potatoes

100 ml Debic Roast & Fry

2 cloves of garlic

1 sprig of rosemary

25 g sea salt

15 g nori leaves

Curry Madras mussels

2 kg mussels

100 ml Debic Roast & Fry

½ carrot

½ fennel bulb

½ leek

½ onion

1 tbsp curry madras spices

300 ml white wine

100 ml Debic Culinaire Original, 20%

50 g Campina Cream Butter, unsalted

Edible mussel shells

200 g mashed potato

2 g squid ink



10 salty fingers

1 g sea lettuce

20 ml ponzu

5 g umbi budo seaweed

1 g fennel fronds

20 borage flowers


Plaice fillet

Heat the Roast & Fry to 60˚C and add the kombu.

Remove from the heat and leave to steep for twenty minutes.

Fillet the plaice and remove the skin.

Dry the fillets thoroughly and sprinkle lightly with the activia transglutaminase.

Place the fillets on top of each other.

Transfer the fillets to a vacuum bag, add the kombu infusion and seal.

Cook in a warm water bath or combi steamer at 43°C for around twenty minutes (depending on their thickness).

Potato coral

For the nori salt, grind the sea salt and the dried nori finely in a coffee grinder.

Wash the potatoes thoroughly and dry.

Cut them with a sharp knife, placing two chopsticks in the front and back so that the knife does not cut all the way through.

Wash off the starch and bring the potatoes to the boil in cold water and salt.

Cook until almost tender, and cool off completely.

Heat the Debic Roast & Fry and add the chopped garlic and rosemary.

Spread the mixture thoroughly in the gaps with a brush.

Bake the potatoes in the oven at 220°C and season with salt.

Curry Madras mussels

For the mussels, chop the bouquet into an even brunoise and cook in Debic Roast & Fry until al dente.

Add the curry madras spices and simmer.

Add white wine and pour the mixture into a mussel pot.

Wash the mussels thoroughly and debeard.

Discard any open or floating shells.

Combine the mussels with the bouquet in the pot and bring to the boil covered.

As soon as the mussels open, remove the pot from the stove and strain the cooking liquid through a fine cloth.

Keep the mussels in the fridge until needed.

Combine the cooking fluid with the Debic Culinaire, reduce till it forms a sauce and add butter.

Season to taste with salt.

Reheat the mussels in the sauce.

Edible mussel shells

Clean the mussel shells and dry thoroughly.

Mix the dry mashed potato with the squid ink and season lightly with salt.

Spray the mussel shells lightly with fat and add a thin layer of mashed potato.

Dry at 50°C for six hours.

Store in a well-sealed container.


Marinate the sea lettuce in the ponzu.

Finish baking the potatoes in the oven, sprinkle with the nori salt and arrange on the plate.

Finishing touch

Decorate with the salty fingers, seaweeds and fennel fronds.

Arrange the plaice fillet next to the potatoes.

Heat the mussels in the sauce, and froth the remaining sauce using the stick blender.

Garnish with the mussel shells, bouquet and borage flowers.