Pistachio, vanilla & cardamom panna cotta

Panna cotta

Panna Cotta


For 15 servings

Pistachio, vanilla & cardamom panna cotta

l Debic Panna Cotta

50 g pistachio paste

3 cardamon pods, bruised

crushed 1 vanilla pod

20 g pistachio nuts

15 meringue pieces



Melt the panna cotta and divide the mass between two equal parts. Add the pistachio chips to one portion and portion in the silicone molds and then let it set in the cooling.

Add the vanilla to the other part and let become "hanging" and portion on the starched pistachio panna cotta. Then let it set in the refrigerator. Freeze the panna cotta to unload or store in the freezer.

Place panna cotta on a plate or on a bottom to choice and then let it thaw gently in the refrigerator.

Finish with the meringue and chopped pistachios.

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