Quark parfait dessert cake with lime foam and raspberries

A dessert recipe with a taste of lime and raspberry.

Dessert parfait Lime


Lime sponge

2000 g marzipan

720 g pasteurised egg whites

80 g lemon zest

720 g pasteurised egg whites

70 ml limoncello

150 g all-purpose flour


3000 g raspberry sorbet

Quark parfait

2000 ml Debic Parfait

500 g quark

40 ml limoncello

Limoncello meringue

400 g pasteurised egg whites

200 g sugar

200 ml water

200 ml limoncello


125 g raspberries


Lime sponge

For the lime sponge, mix the marzipan with the limoncello and 440 g egg whites until smooth.

Beat the remaining egg whites together with the lemon zest in a planet mixer until stiff.

Add the two mixtures together and spread a smooth layer onto a silicone mat.

Bake in the oven at 200°C for 10 minutes.


Leave the sorbet to soften, then use it to fill small bombe moulds.

Cover with a piece of lime sponge and store in the freezer.

Quark parfait

Whip the parfait in the planet mixer until light and airy and add the quark and limoncello.

Transfer to a piping bag and fill the bombe moulds halfway, press the raspberry sorbet centre into the middle and continue filling with the quark parfait.

Cover the top with a piece of lime sponge and put in the freezer for 4 hours.

Limoncello meringue

Boil 900 g sugar in water to 110°C.

Beat the egg whites together with the remaining sugar until light and airy in the planet mixer.

Heat the sugar water to 120°C and gradually add to the meringue on the lowest setting.

Mix until cool and fold in the limoncello.

Finishing touch

Remove the bombes from the moulds, cover with the meringue and put back in the freezer straight away.

Decorate à la minute with the fresh raspberries.