Raspberry Popcorn

Bisquit with raspberry mousse and popcorn

Raspberry Popcorn Vegan
Raspberry Popcorn - photo1 | Debic


For 10 servings


300 g almond milk

145 g sunflower oil

5 g vanilla powder

300 g flower

40 g corn starts

15 g baking powder

250 g sugar

5 g salt

50 g lime juice

Raspberry mousse

300 g raspberry purée

600 g Debic Vegan-Top

10 g pectin

50 g sugar

Raspberry glaze

260 g water

345 g caster sugar (1)

74 g caster sugar (2)

10 g pectin

30 g lemon juice

40 g raspberry puree



mix the almond milk with sugar add the sunflower oil an vanilla powder add the lime juice.

Ziff the flower, baking powder, corn starts and salt and combine both mixtures

Bring over in a round baking mold off 8 cm diameter an bake at 180°C

Raspberry mousse

Mix the pectin with sugar

Heat half of the fruit puree until 50 °C and add the pectin blend whit a hand blender

Cook for 2 min add the rest of the puree to cool it a bit down

Whip the Debic Vegan-Top at medium speed till air

Mix the puree with the Debic Vegan-Top

Raspberry glaze

Heat water with sugar (1) to 50°C add pectin mixed with sugar (2)

Heat to 85°C an add the lemon juice and the raspberries puree ,cover and refrigerate for 24 hours


Pipe the raspberry mousse in a round mold off 8 cm and freeze

heat up the glaze and dip the unmould frozen raspberry cakes into the glaze

decorate with popcorn

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