Red velvet cake fingers

Redvelvet cake fingers

Cream cheese Cake Red velvet


For 60 servings


200 g Debic Cake butter

250 g buttermilk

8 g red food coloring

15 g cocoa powder

300 g sugar

5 g vanilla sugar

3 g salt

160 g eggs

300 g flour

7 g baking soda

10 g white wine vinegar

Creamcheese frosting

350 g Debic Creme butter

600 g Debic Creamcheese

300 g icing sugar

1 st lemon zest

Chocolate enrobing

200 g Rubby chocolate

50 g sunflower oil

100 g fine almonds


Mix the buttermilk with the red food coloring and cocoa powder

Whip the butter, sugar, vanilla extract and salt in a bowl until fluffy

Then add the eggs

Mix in half of the buttermilk mixture and half of the flour and baking powder.

Then add the rest of both and mix the white wine vinegar into the batter

Divide the batter into eclair molds and bake at 180°C in 25-30 minutes until done

Place on a grid and let them cool and freeze

Mix the Debic cream butter with the icing sugar in a bowl and beat it lightly

Then mix the Debic Creamcheese in add the lemon zest

·Melt ruby chocolate and mix in the oil and fine almond nuts


Dip the cakes from the freezer half through the melted chocolate

Decorate with the creamcheese cream.

Decorate with red chocolate sprinkles and garnet apple seeds