White Yuzu

Recipes for 8 tarts of 16 cm diameter

White Yuzu Lime dacquoise White chocolate mousse


Short crust

1 kg Debic Croissant butter

660 g sugar

1660 g flour

250 g almond powder 100%

20 g salt

335 g egg

Lime dacquoise

500 g egg white

400 g sugar

400 g almond powder 100%

200 g icing sugar

3 limes, the zests

Yuzu crémeux

520 g yuzu puree

520 g eggs

640 g sugar

15 g powdered gelatin

75 g water

830 g Debic Crème Butter

White chocolate mousse

30 g powdered gelatin

170 g water

50 g liquid vanilla

900 g Debic Stand & Overrun

1 kg White Velvet Chocolate

White glaçage

375 g water

750 g sugar

750 g glucose

250 g sweetened condens milk

750 g white Velvet Chocolate

53 g powdered gelatin

265 g water

Raspberry marmalade

1000 g puree of raspberries

290 g inverted sugar

390 g frozen raspberries

100 g sugar

20 g pectin NH


Short crust

Use all ingredients on ambient temperature.

Start mixing the butter on low gear with the sugar.

Add all dry ingredients and finish with the eggs.

Store in the refrigerator.

Roll out on 2,5 mm and mine tart molds of 16 cm.

Bake at 170°C during 12-15 minutes.

Lime dacquoise

Whip the egg white with the sugar.

Mix the icing sugar with the zests and the almond powder.


Spread on 2 baking trays (60/40) and bake at 170°C during 15 minutes.

Yuzu crémeux

Hydrate the gelatin with the water.

Heat the puree with the eggs and the sugar (85°C).

Add the gelatin mass and emulsify with the butter at approx. 35-40°C.

White chocolate mousse

Hydrate the gelatin with the water.

Melt the chocolate.

Combine in two, three times and fold in the semi whipped cream with the vanilla.

Pour into small circles , diameter 14 cm, and freeze.

White glaçage

Hydrate the gelatin with the water.

Bring the water, the sugar, the glucose and the milk to a boil.

Pour over the white chocolate, add the gelatin mass and mix with a hand blender.

Store in refrigerator for 1 night; Use at 32-35°C.

Raspberry marmalade

Mix the sugar with the pectin.

Bring the puree , the fruit and the inverted sugar to a boil, add the sugar -pectin at 40°C and cook for 2 minutes .


Pour the yuzu crémeux in the baked tart shells.

Cut circles out of the lime dacquoise and cote them with the raspberry marmalade.

Place on the crémeux.

Finishing touch

Demold the white chocolate mousse and glaze them with the white glaçage.

Arrange them on the dacquoise and decorate with jellies and macaroons.