Yuzu matcha

Yuzu matcha

Cream cheese Mono portions Finger food


Matcha cake

200 g grounded almonds

165 g whole eggs

75 g sugar

25 g inverted sugar

60 g flour

50 g Debic Butter Brioche

35 g green matcha tea

100 g egg white

60 g sugar

Yuzu confit

220 g yuzu puree (Boiron)

50 g sugar

17 g chestnut honey

½ vanilla pod

4 g pectin NH

12 g gelatin mass (1:5)

Yuzu cream

725 g Debic Cream Cheese

325 g pastry cream ( crème patissière)

85 g yuzu puree

100 g gelatin mass (1:5)

450 g Debic Stand & Overrun


Mix the grounded almonds with the sugars and the whole egg to a foamy mixture. Add the melted butter and the sieved flour with the green tea powder. Whip the egg white with the sugar and combine. Spread in a baking frame and bake for 8 minutes at 220°C. Store in the refrigerator.

Heat the puree with the chestnut honey and the vanilla on a slow fire. Dry mix the sugar with the pectin and add to the puree before boiling. Cook for 2minutes. Add the gelatin mass and, mix well and pour over the cold matcha cake.

Soften the cream cheese and the crème patissiere. Add the yuzu puree and the hot melted gelatin mass. Fold in the semi whipped cream. Fill the frame and freeze.


Decorate the unmolded entremets with crumbles of matcha cake, fresh mango, and whipped cream cheese.