Shape matters

As a chef, you have to be in shape to perform every day. You can only present the most beautiful dishes with the best appearance if you are fit. Shape is about health, but also about content. Debic helps you perform in optimal shape.

Shape matters

Whether you use tweezers to add final touches to your dishes or put more muscle into them, shape matters. The shape of your dishes is not the only important thing. Your own shape also plays an important role. Are you in shape? Can you express your creativity? For some chefs, creativity flows naturally; for others, it takes a lot more effort to express what’s on the inside and exteriorate it in the right shape.

Theme !D Magazine - photo 2211227 | Debic
Theme !D Magazine


The ‘Shape’ theme of our latest !D Magazine also represents the personal development of each chef. How do you shape your
future? How do you make guests want to visit you time and again?
How do you organise your processes so that your hard work turns a profit? What place do you give convenience in that process?

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Debic Shapes

We recently introduced Debic Shapes: convenience at its best. With our Debic Shapes, you can make a great dessert while skipping the complicated techniques to get to the base. The panna cotta ring, the mascarpone bar and the chocolate quenelle are ready to serve. All you have to do is shape them into a dessert with your signature.


How about a panna cotta ring with waffle, peanut and M&Ms? You can literally turn a mascarpone bar into a cheesecake, while the chocolate quenelle turns into a mouse? The mascarpone bar also goes well with red fruit, pâte de fruits and raspberry meringue? Just take the Debic Shapes out of the freezer and out of the blister packs, leave them to thaw in the fridge for at least four hours covered in plastic and then give them your own shape on a plate.


The beauty of shapes is that they are flexible. Every day you can strive for your optimal shape and make choices that suit you. We are pleased to help you with inspiration and recipes like the above.

Keen to see what the rest of our !D Magazine has in store? - photo 2287175 | Debic
Keen to see what the rest of our !D Magazine has in store?

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