Creation by Willem Verlooy

Coconut Almond Caramel


För 25 portioner

Coconut mousse

4 g gelatin powder

25 g water

147 g coconut purée

15 g white chocolate

74 g Debic Végétop

Coconut shortcrust pastry

220 g Debic Croissant Gold Butter

4 g salt

140 g icing sugar

50 g almond powder

2 g vanilla powder

30 g coconut purée

70 g whole egg

380 g flour

Almond biscuit

44 g almond powder

44 g sugar

44 g whole egg

13 g egg yolk

54 g egg white

33 g sugar

33 g flour

Caramel ganache

70 g sugar

25 g Debic Brioche Butter

136 g Debic Cream 40%

9 g glucose syrup

91 g milk chocolate

White glaze

300 g sugar

300 g glucose

150 g water

200 g Debic Végétop

120 g gelatin mix (20 g gelatin powder + 100 g water)

300 g white chocolate

White powder pigment

Sweetened cream

400 g Debic Stand & Overrun

40 g sugar


Coconut mousse

Mix the water with the gelatin powder.

Heat 1/3 of the coconut purée and let the gelatin mix melt in it.

Add it to the melted white chocolate.

Mix the whole with a hand blender to get a nice emulsion.

Apply with a spatula onto the whisked Debic Végétop together with the rest of the coconut purée.

Transfer the mousse to a piping bag and fill the silicone bowls (3 cm in diameter).

Put in the freezer.

Coconut shortcrust pastry

Blend the Debic Croissant Gold Butter, salt, and icing sugar in the food processor.

Add the whole egg and the coconut purée.

Then mix all the ingredients.

Leave in the fridge overnight.

Roll out the dough to 2 mm thickness.

Cut out 12 cm rectangles and bake for 7 minutes at 220 °C.

Almond biscuit

Mix the almond powder, sugar, the whole egg, and egg yolk.

Whisk the egg white together with the sugar lightly.

Add the egg whites to the almond mix.

Mix the flour.

Scoop the batter into the baking trays.

Bake for 7 minutes at 210 °C.

Cut circles with a diameter of 7 cm.

Caramel ganache

Caramelize the sugar.

Melt the Debic Brioche Butter.

Bring the Debic Cream 40% and glucose syrup to a boil.

When the caramel is sufficiently coloured, add the liquid butter.

Gradually the boiling cream.

Pour the mix onto the milk chocolate mix and put in the fridge.

White glaze

Bring the water to a boil together with the sugar and glucose.

Add the gelatin mix and the Debic Végétop.

Pour the mix over the white chocolate.

Blend in the colouring agent.

Mix with a hand blender and leave to cool.

Put in the fridge for 24 hours.

Process the icing at 35 °C.

Sweetened cream

Whip the Debic Stand & Overrun with the sugar into a light mix.

Use a piping bag with a fine, serrated nozzle.


Place a circular almond biscuit into the tartlet.

Coat the frozen coconut mousse with the white glaze and put it into the tartlet.

Finish with the sweetened cream and caramel ganache.

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