Creamy cream cheese ice cream

Creamy cream cheese ice cream

Cream cheese


Cream cheese ice preparation

1506 g whole milk

1400 g Debic Cream Cheese

200 g skimmed milkpowder

520 g saccharose

160 g glucose atomisé DE 40

120 g egg yolk

80 g inverted sugar

4 g locus bean gum

2 g guar gum

4 vanilla pods

Red fruit variegato

175 g red fruit puree (Boiron)

200 g saccharose

94 g glucose syrup DE40

5,5 g pectin ( yellow)

25 g lemon juice


Split the vanilla beans, scrape the seeds out and add it to the milk together with the beans. Heat the milk till 60°C and let the beans infuse for 30 minutes. Blend the milk powder, saccharose, dextrose, glucose powder and stabilizers and add to the milk. Blend the invert sugar with the egg yolks and add to the milk. Pasteurize the mixture at 85°C. Mix with a blender and cool directly in a cold water bath. Let the mix ripen for at least 4 hour. Mix the cream cheese with the base mix and churn directly to ice cream. Decorate with the red fruit variegato and shock freeze or serve directly.

Heat the red fruit puree & glucose syrup till 40C. Blend the saccharose and pectin and add to the red fruit base.

Heat, while stirring, till the l boiling point and add the lemon juice. Cool down and store in a closed container.

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