Dark chocolate Orange

With almond praline and dark chocolota mousse

Almond praline Dark chocolate mousse Vegan


For 20 servings

Chocolate pâte sablé

190 g coconut fat

180 g powder sugar

2 g salt

55 g almond powder

30 g Debic Vegan-top

35 g cocoa powder

325 g flour

100 g potato starch

Almond praline

300 g almond

187 g sugar

1 ps vanilla pod

Dark chocolate mousse

150 g dark chocolate 80%

600 g Debic Vegan-Top

70 g water

12 g pectin

60 g sugar

Orange whip

360 g Debic Vegan Cream

3 g orange blossom water

50 g sugar

Dark chocolate enrobing

250 g dark chocolate

50 g grapeseed oil

50 g hazelnuts


Chocolate pâte sablé

Mix the coconut fat, the icing sugar, the salt and the almond powder into a dough.

Add the vegan-top and mix.

Mix the flour, cocoa powder and potato starch.

Cool the dough and roll out to 2 mm.

Cut out 8-cm and 4-cm ring and bake the sablé at 150 ° C for 40 min.

Orange whip

Combine the Vegan-top, orange blossom water and sugar

Whip to the correct consistency.

Almond praline

Caramelize the sugar and add the roasted almond and the vanilla pod

Spread out on a baking sheet, allow to cool and remove the vanilla pod

Turn in a cutter until smooth

Dark chocolate mousse

Mix the pectin with sugar

Melt the dark chocolate

Heat water until 60 °C add the pectin, cook for 2 min

Add the melted dark chocolate ( if the mixture it to thick add some hot water)

Whip the Debic Vegan-Top at medium speed till air

Mix the dark chocolate mixture whit the Debic Vegan-Top


Pipe the chocolate mousse into a mould off 7 cm place the sable off 4 cm on top and freeze

Heat the chocolate enrobing until 30°C and dip the frozen chocolate disc into the chocolate place on top of the 8-cm sablé

Pip the orange whip with a large piping tip with small teeth

Create a hole in the centre and fill whit the almond praline

Decorate whit dark chocolate crispy’ s and orange zests