Pistachio cake

Recipe for approximately 5 cakes of 16 cm

Pistachio Red fruit gel Vegan


Pâte sablé

190 g coconut fat

180 g powder sugar

2 g salt

55 g almond powder

50 g Debic Vegan-top

325 g flour

100 g potato starch

2 g baking powder

Pistachio sponge

25 g Pistachio Praliné 100%

100 g coconut fat

50 g almond milk

25 g lime juice

2 g salt

64 g icing sugar

180 g hazelnut powder

180 g flour

6 g baking powder

150 g aquafaba (chickpeas water)

12 g corn starts

60 g sugar

Red fruit gel

370 g red fruit puree

6 g pectin

50 g sugar

Pistache mousse

200 g pistachio pate

1000 g Debic Vegan-Top

15 g pectin

150 g sugar

3 g salt

150 g water

Pistachio glaze

630 g water

690 g caster sugar (1)

150 g caster sugar (2)

20 g pectin nappage

100 g pistache pate 100%

60 g lemon juice

150 g Debic Vegan-top

Vegan whip

360 g Debic Vegan-top

50 g sugar

Preparation video


Pâte sablé

Mix the coconut fat, the icing sugar, the salt and the almond powder into a dough

Add the vegan-top and mix

Mix the flour, and potato starch

Cool the dough and roll out to 2 mm

Cut out 8 cm a ring and bake the sablé at 150 ° C for 20 min

Cut out 18 cm a ring and bake the sablé at 150 ° C for 40 min.

Pistachio sponge

Mix the pistachio praline whit almond milk, lime juice and salt

Whip the aquafaba whit the sugar

Mix the hazelnut powder, flour, baking powder icing sugar and corn starts

Melt the coconut fat an mix whit the pistachio praline

Add the pistachio mixture whit the airy aquafaba and add the dry ingredients

Bake the bisquit in a 14 cm ring at 180°C fore 20 min

Red fruit gel

Mix the pectin with sugar

Heat the puree to 50 °C add sugar mixed with pectin

Blend and heat to 85°C

Pistache mousse

Mix the pectin with sugar

Heat 150 gr of the Debic Vegan-Top and water add the pectin, cook for 2 min add the pistachio pate

Whip the rest of the Debic Vegan-Top at medium speed till air

Mix the nuts pate whit the Debic Vegan-Top

Pistachio glaze

Heat water with sugar (1) to 50 ° and mix the pectin with sugar (2).

Add the pectin to the water and blend with a hand blander

Heat to 85° before adding lemon juice, pistachio pate and Debic Vegan top

Cover surface with plastic film and refrigerate for 24 hours before use

Vegan whip

Combine the Vegan-top and sugar

Whip to the correct consistency.


Pour a layer of red fruit gel on top of the sponge an freeze, and a small portion on a silicone mat for decoration.

Pipe the pistachio mousse into a 16-cm mould, over whit the pistachio sponge.

Finish the cake by a applying the pistachio glaze melted to 40°C.

Place the cake on top of the 18-cm sable.

Pipe the Vegan-op on the 8-cm sable, decorate whit the red fruit gel, and pistachio nuts.