Say (cream) cheese!

Perfect texture? Check! Balanced taste? Check! Ideal for baking, cooking, spreading and decorating? Check! And also suitable for sweet and savoury creations? Check!

Cream cheese is a soft, unripened cheese made from milk and cream. The process of concentrating and fermenting fresh milk and cream gives the cheese its typical rich, creamy taste combined with a smooth, spreadable texture. Every culture or region has its own cream cheese, prepared using different methods and with varying compositions and fat ratios.

Say (cream) cheese! |Debic

Cream cheese can for instance be used in cheesecakes, as a filling for croissants, in a quiche or frosting on cakes. There are tons of possibilities and variations.

In order to help you, the food professional, Debic has developed a cream cheese that offers consistent quality in both hot and cold dishes and for both sweet and savoury preparations. We are also sharing some recipes in which you can use cream cheese.

Red velvet cake fingers |Debic
Red velvet cake fingers

In the 1920s, the Waldorf Astoria Hotel started serving red velvet cake and thus spread its fame. Now red velvet cakes are known as a popular year round treat, which are a treat for the eye and mouth. These red velvet cake fingers are an original twist to the famous cake, which is the perfect combination of a famous cake and something new.

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Exotic cream cheese tart |Debic
Exotic cream cheese tart

Are you looking for a refreshing tart which makes your customers get the full summer experience? This is the tart to go. The creamy and refreshing taste is a true treat.

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Japanese cotton cheesecake |Debic
Japanese cotton cheesecake

The Japanese cheesecake is more fluffy, jiggly and sponge-like than a regular cheesecake. It was originally created by Tomotaro Kuzuno, a Japanese chef who went to Germany in the 1960s and encountered käsekuchen, a German-style cheesecake. This light and fluffy cake is also known as soufflé cheesecake or jiggle cheesecake, but outside of Japan it’s simply known as Japanese cheesecake. By contrast, the cotton or jiggle cake can be compared to a very airy soufflé and is baked exclusively with a cream cheese filling mixed with an ample quantity of whipped egg white.

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Passion mango brioche |Debic
Passion mango brioche

The passion mango brioche is also another excellent choice for summer. The refreshing taste of passionfruit and mango makes the perfect combination for a brioche that tastes like summer. 

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