Crème brûlée eggs with mango, coconut and vanilla

A recipe for Crème brûlée with tropical taste.

Dessert crème brûlée Coconut


Mango crème brûlée

300 ml Debic Crème Brûlée

100 g Mango purée

Standard crème brûlée

Coconut crème brûlée

300 ml Debic Crème Brûlée

100 ml Coconut cream


2 x Fresh mango

10 x Apple blossom

300 g Rhubarb

100 ml Grenadine syrup

200 g Strawberries

10 g Fresh mint

0.5 x Fresh pineapple

1 x Tray of Atsina Cress


Crème brûlée eggs

Bring the crème brûlée to the boil and add the flavourings.

Wash the egg shells and dry thoroughly. Place the shells in an egg rack and pour the various crème brûlée preparations into them. Store in the refrigerator.

Peel the rhubarb with a peeler and cut into cubes. Poach in the grenadine until cooked, cool and mix with the strawberry cubes and finely chopped mint. Cut the pineapple into cubes and mix with the Atsina Cress. Cut the mango into cubes and mix with the apple blossom.

Finishing touch

Use a rounder cutter to make three small towers of the fruit garnish on the plate. Sprinkle the eggs with sugar and brown using a cook's blowtorch.

Finish the dish as shown in the photograph or as you prefer.