Lightly smoked wood pigeon

A stunning recipe for smoked wood pigeon.

Appetizer Dinner Evening


Smoked wood pigeon in spinach leaves

5 x wood pigeons

200 g duck magret

200 ml Debic Cream 35%

200 g spinach

200 g smoking chips


1000 ml water

80 g colorozo salt

Jerusalem artichoke cream soup

700 g Jerusalem artichokes

200 g butter

6 g salt

Smooth Sanguinaccio

600 ml Debic Cream 35%

400 g chicken stock

400 g black pudding

200 g covering chocolate, 70%

100 g butter

5 g konjac gum

3 g xanthan gum (Xantana - Texturas)

2 g salt

1 g powdered cinnamon


Smoked wood pigeon in spinach leaves

Clean the pigeons.

Remove the breast from the carcass.

Dissolve the colorozo salt in water.

Leave the breasts to marinade in this solution for 12 hours.

Rinse the meat under cold running water for 30 minutes, sponge dry then remove the skin.

Remove the duck fat.

Blend the duck breast finely with the Debic Cream 35% to make a stuffing.

Season with salt and pepper.

Spread the stuffing on the breast with a spatula.

Keep chilled.

Blanch the spinach.


Lay the spinach on the pigeon breast.

Place in a vacuum bag.

Cook for 25 minutes in a hot water bath for 65°C.

Jerusalem artichoke cream soup

Peel the Jerusalem artichokes, dice finely then cook in salted water.

Blend finely with Debic Cream 35%.

Season with salt and pepper.

Smooth Sanguinaccio

Dissolve the xanthan gum and konjac in 200 ml of stock.

Heat the remaining stock.

Add the black pudding.

Blend thoroughly.

Pass through a fine sieve.

Heat the Debic Cream 35% Dissolve the cinnamon and salt in it.

Blend the hot cream and both bouillons.

Add the chocolate last.

Pour onto a cooking tray lined with greaseproof paper, then cover with a butcher's film.

Leave to set in the refrigerator.

Blackberry sauce

Wash the onions and chop into thick rings.

Caramelise the onion rings in Debic Roast & Fry until they are just cooked.

Heat the blackberry purée, add the whisky and bind with 1% xanthan gum if necessary.

Chill and then keep in a spray bottle.


Flash fry the boletus mushrooms.

Wash the cereals under cold running water, then prepare like a risotto using chicken stock.

Season with hazelnut oil.

Finishing touch

Cut the sanguinaccio into wide strips then arrange them on a hot plate.

Smoke the pigeons for a minute by heating a spoon in the fire and placing smoking chips in the spoon.

Cover for 2-3 minutes, slice lengthwise and then arrange on the plate.

Heat the Jerusalem artichoke purée, whisk with Debic Roast & Fry then arrange in a teardrop shape on the plate.

Arrange the onion rounds and then garnish with blackberry sauce.

Garnish with cereals, boletus mushrooms and grilled hazelnuts.