Strawberry fields

Dessert Dinner Evening


Strawberry panna cotta

600 ml Debic Panna Cotta

400 ml Strawberry purée, Mara des Bois

Basil cream yoghurt

350 ml Debic Tiramisù

300 g Greek yoghurt

200 ml Water

100 g Sugar

150 g Basil

"Vanilla hangop" (Dutch buttermilk dessert)

350 g Greek yoghurt

30 g Icing sugar

1 Vanilla pod

Strawberry gazpacho

350 g strawberries

100 g Pequillo pepper

200 g Cucumber

35 ml Sherry vinegar

20 g Sugar

3 g Salt

2 g Xanthan gum


Strawberry fields

Melt the Debic Panna Cotta and mix it with the strawberry purée.

Pour onto a Flexipan plate, and place the panna cotta in the refrigerator.

If necessary, freeze it so that it is easier to remove from the mould.

Basil cream yoghurt

Heat the water, and dissolve the sugar in this.

Blanche the basil.

Pat dry, chop finely, and place in sugar water.

Mix this with the Debic Tiramisù and then yogurt, and set in the refrigerator.

"Vanilla hangop"

Hang the yogurt in a tea towel for 12 hours.

Mix the rest of the yogurt with an empty vanilla pod and icing sugar.

Strawberry gazpacho

Peel the cucumber, cut it into small pieces, and mix with the rest of the ingredients.

Sieve and combine with the Xanthan gum.

Store in a piping bag in the refrigerator.

Mix the strawberry purée with the Xanthan gum.

Strawberry strips

Heat the strawberry purée to a temperature of approximately 50°C, then dissolve the softened gelatine in this.

Spread across the acetate film, and dry for four hours at 40°C.

Marinated strawberries

Cut the strawberries into pieces of equal thickness, and cover with sugar and rose water.

Finishing touch

Remove the panna cottas from the freezer and let them reach room temperature.

Arrange them on the plate.

Create lines on the plate with two drops of the yoghurt basil cream.

Lay the strawberry leather next to the panna cotta, and finish off with strawberries, hung yoghurt, gazpacho and garden cress.