Aerating cream with a siphon

Aerating cream with a siphon - photo 1 | Debic

Aerating cream with a siphon

This technique shows you how to create whipped cream with a siphon in only 3 simple steps.

Equipment needed
  • Siphon
  • Nitrous oxide cartridges


 - photo 1 | Debic

Fill siphon with cream until the advised amount.

 - photo 1 | Debic

Aerate the siphon with nitrous oxide cartridges (1 liter = 2 cartridges / 1/2 liter = 1 cartridge).

 - photo 1 | Debic

Shake well before use.

 - photo 1 | Debic



  • Make sure all items of the siphon are cooled before you start using it.
  • Keep the head of the siphon clean to prevent left over cream.
  • For the optimal result, place the filled siphon back in the fridge for at least one hour so the cream absorbs the gas.
  • The amount of shaking has influence on the cream, about 5 to 10 times is optimal.
  • Prevent weird flavours by keeping one siphon head exclusive for only cream.

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