Pork Ravioli

With cimi di rapa, black garlic broth, bergamot mascarpone cream

Debic Ravioli Black garlic broth


For 10 servings

Pasta dough

500 g flour, type 0

15 egg yolks

Pork filling

400 g pork shoulder

300 ml Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone

50 g soy sauce

20 g white wine vinegar

100 g Debic Traditional Butter

2 shallots

Black garlic broth

1 l water

200 g soy sauce

100 g chamaign vinegar

100 g sesame seeds, roasted

30 g black garlic

20 g Kuro-miso (dark miso paste)

2 sheets Nori seaweed

20 g ginger

Bergamot Mascarpone cream

30 g bergamot juice

1 drop bergamot essential oil

10 g dashi concentrate

200 ml Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone


300 g Cimi di rapa

100 ml olive oil, extra Vergine

20 g chives


Pasta dough

Knead in a planetary mixer until a compact mixture is obtained, vacuum-pack it 3 times in order to compact the dough, let the dough rest at least 1 hour before preparing classic sheets.

When the filling is ready, prepare the ravioli as in the traditional way.

Pork filling

Finely slice the shallots.

Sweat the shallots in butter over low heat, add the meat and brown over high heat.

Add the soy sauce and vinegar, let it evaporate and add the cream, cook for about 10 minutes and adjust salt and pepper.

Blend into a fine mass and pour in a pipping bag.

Black garlic broth

Add all the ingredients in a vacuum bag and cook for about 12 hours at 85°C, after this time filter the broth and if possible clarify.

This preparation can also be obtained in the classic way by cooking slowly in the pot.

Bergamot Mascarpone cream

Mix the juice, zest, dashi concentrate and cream and reserve the fridge.


Cook the pasta in the traditional way.

Quickly sauteé the cimi di rapa and arrange onto the plate.

Pour in the soup in the plate and arrange the ravioli onto the plate.

Finishing touch

Finish with a drizzle of the cream, olive oil and chives.