Creamy sponge roll

A guest recipe from pastry chef Christophe Roesems

Cream Sponge Roll


For 9 servings

Basil cream

2 l Debic Stand & Overrun

88 g sugar

5 g basil leaves

Sponge roll

3 trays of 60 x 40 cm

240 g Debic Constant Butter

324 g flour

200 g milk

6 g vanilla powder

500 g eggs

408 g egg yolks

288 g sugar

800 g egg whites


1 kg fresh strawberries

40 g sugar

600 g Debic Stand & Overrun

gold leaf

mint leaves


Basil cream

Add the sugar to the remaining cream and beat lightly to the desired firmness.

Stir in the basil cream.

Sponge roll

Melt the butter and fold in the flour.

Blend in the hot milk with the vanilla, eggs and egg yolks.

Pass through a sieve and beat the batter until airy.

Fold the egg whites whipped with the sugar, little by little.

Spread the batter across the 60 x 40 cm baking sheets (875 g batter per sheet).

Bake at 150°C for 15 minutes.


Spread the basil cream on the sponge.

Sprinkle with the finely sliced strawberries.

Roll up the sponge.

Mix the sugar with the cream and beat until airy.

Pipe the whipped cream using a piping bag with a Saint-Honoré onto the sponge.

Finishing touch

Decorate with a few strawberries, gold leaf and mint leaves.