Strawberry vanilla entremet (technique: quenelle)

8cm * 15cm

Strawberry bavarois Almond dacquoise Cookie crunch


For 4 servings

Strawberry bavarian cream

80 g water

16 g gelatin powder

150 g egg whites

250 g sugar

250 g strawberry puree (1)

500 g strawberry puree (2)

250 g Debic Stand & Overrun

500 g Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone

Almond dacquoise

1000 g whole egg

750 g sugar (1)

750 g almond powder

750 g egg whites

175 g sugar (2)

175 g Debic Cake Gold

375 g flour

Vanilla anglaise

5 g gelatine powder

15 g water

360 g Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone

½ vanilla pod

48 g egg yolks

27 g sugar

90 g white chocolate

Cookie crunch

100 g white chocolate

100 g feuilletine

300 g cookie crumble

Pink glaçage

15 g gelatine powder

75 g water (1)

100 g water (2)

220 g sugar

220 g glucose

220 g white chocolate

150 g Debic Végétop

q.s red colouring

Mascarpone cream quenelle

500 g Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone

50 g sugar


Strawberry bavarian cream

Mix the gelatin powder with the cold water.

Make an Italian meringue with the egg whites and the sugar.

Whip the Debic Stand & Overrun and whip the Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone into soft peaks

Heat the strawberry puree (1) and melt in the gelatin mass.

Add the strawberry puree (2) and fold in the beaten egg whites.

Add both whipped creams.

Almond dacquoise

Mix the eggs, the sugar (1) and the almond powder and whisk until fluffy.

Whip the egg whites together with the sugar (2).

Melt the Debic Cake Gold.

Mix the melted butter with the almond powder mixture and fold in the flour.

Spread to 1 cm and bake at 210 °C for 10 minutes.

Remove immediately from the baking tray and let cool down.

Vanilla anglaise

Mix the gelatin powder with the cold water.

Bring the Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone with the split vanilla pod to a boil.

Mix the sugar and the yolks.

Pour the hot cream on the egg yolk.

Heat up to 85 °C .

Melt in the gelatin mass and the white chocolate.

Whip until airy and the temp is around 35 °C.

Cookie crunch

Melt the white chocolate.

Mix the feuilletine and the cookie crumble and mix with the white chocolate.

Press in a baking trail until 1 cm thick.

Let it cool down and cut into 7 x 60 cm bars.

Pink glaçage

Mix the gelatin powder with the water (1).

Bring the water (2), the sugar and the glucose up to 103 °C.

Melt in the the gelatine mass and the Debic Végétop.

Add the white chocolate and the red colouring.

Mix with a hand blender and leave to rest overnight in the refrigerator.

Mascarpone cream quenelle

Whip the Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone with the sugar.

Transfer to a container and make a smooth the surface.


Fill two rectangle silicone moulds of 6 x 60 cm with the vanilla anglaise.

Cover with the almond dacquoise and freeze.

When frozen, take out of the mould and place on the cookie crunch and put back in to the freezer.

Fill a silicone mould 8 x 60 cm with the strawberries bavarois and press the interior (with the cookie side up) in the bavarois.


Heat the pink glaçage up to 24 °C and glaze the frozen entremet with the glaçage.

Scoop a few nice quenelles of the mascarpone cream and arrange them nicely on the entremets.

Finishing touch

Finish with icing flowers and chocolate decoration.